When Is Doing Sports Allowed after Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat/Stem Cells?

Compared to breast augmentation with silicone implants breast augmentation with autologous fat or stem cells is a considerably more gentle and less invasive procedure.

Body fat obtained by a liposuction performed by hand (liposculpture) is an autologous filler, which enables a breast augmentation up to an average of one cup size. Results may vary from patient to patient. Please note that in medicine generally no guarantee for a certain treatment result can be given. Depending on the method the harvested body fat is injected into the breast either without further processing or after stem cell enrichment. Repetitions of the treatment are possible. If the breast is tight and small, pre-stretching of the breast (for example, with a mechanic suction bra) might be recommendable. In this way the breast can be “prepared” for the augmentation by creating sufficient room for the additional volume.

Instead of general anesthesia we exclusively work under local anesthesia. We also completely refrain from using scalpels so that no scars visible with the naked eye are developing in case of a normal healing process.

Because this treatment is considerably gentler compared to breast augmentation methods in which a foreign body (mostly silicone or saline) is surgically implanted, the aftercare is also easier: Already one to two days after the procedure you can perform moderate kinds of sports like walking or bicycling. Strength training that also stresses the chest area can be usually done after about 4 weeks.

Hospitalization is superfluous as well for our treatments – the breast augmentation with autologous fat or stem cells is performed on an outpatient basis; the patient is discharged home on the day of intervention.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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